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self check scheme

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Self check scheme introduced to combat cowboy tradesmen

New measures have been introduced by the Department for Communities and Local Government, to help protect the public from cowboy plumbers and other tradesmen. Self check schemes that allow tradesmen to check their own work are now required to meet higher levels of standards and to prove that they meet the right levels of quality. The government feels that this will give residents the peace of mind, that work carried out in and on their homes will be safe and up to the standards expected. From now on organisations and individuals running a self check scheme will need to be accredited to an international quality standard.

The Office of Fair Trading stated that, over 80,000 complaints were made about building or plumbing work in homes every year. Communities Minister Andrew Stunell said that this proposal will protect people even more from cowboy plumbers and tradesmen. He stated that, cowboy builders who leave behind a trail of dodgy and incompetent work, costs homeowners a lot of money, in order to put things right and it gives legitimate self check workers and the rest of the industry a very bad name. He said that they are determined to keep the cowboys from affecting the self check schemes. In March 2011 Consumer Direct received over 65,000 complaints from consumers about general home improvements, plumbing maintenance and repairs. They also received 15,000 additional complaints about the window and conservatory glazing sector.

Home Cure’s plumbing and heating engineers are fully qualified, certified and ensures that each job is carried out to the highest standards.

Any work our plumbers carry out is fully guaranteed, you are fully covered if anything goes wrong or the work does not meet your satisfaction. Home Cure’s plumbers are fully equipped with all the tools to carry out any job they take on. You will always get the service and quality you requested and expected.

Home Cure’s plumbers and heating engineers are all registered with Gas Safe Register. Plumbers and anyone installing or repairing gas appliances should be registered with the Gas Safe Register. You must have the relevant qualifications to carry out jobs involving gas appliances and to register with the Gas Safe Register. It replaced CORGI registration from April 2009. Anyone employed to work on gas appliances in the UK must be registered with the Gas Safe Register. Anyone or any organisation that works on gas appliances without being registered to the Gas Safe Register, is doing it unlawfully.

Illegally fitted boiler

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Man sentanced for Illegally fitting boiler

A man from Clevedon, North Somerset, has been sentenced and fined for installing a gas boiler and flue illegally and unsafely at a property in Bristol. The culprit is Jeffrey Maslen, a 47 year old man. He appeared at North Avon Magistrates Court in Bristol, where he was ordered to pay costs of over £1,300, he was also given a curfew that will last 8 weeks and one hundred hours of community service work. He admitted in court, to breaching gas safety regulations and lying about his credentials in order to get work.

Illegally fitted boiler a real threat

Jeffrey Maslen had installed a gas boiler with a flue, at a property back in 2009, the flue later detached, which could have exposed the occupants of the property to large amounts of harmful carbon monoxide gas. Malsen falsely claimed to be a qualified, certified and Gas Safe Register plumbing and heating engineer, in order to get the gas boiler installation job. Representatives from the HSE – Health & Safety Executive, informed the magistrates, that he was not qualified to undertake the work, which he carried out. He was not Gas Safe registered. Gas Safe Register has replaced CORGI registrations, when a company is Gas Safe registered it means that their technicians are qualified to safely and legally install gas boilers and any other gas appliances.

Health and safety Inspector, Caroline Bird said: Any business/sole trader who carries out work on gas appliances without being on the Gas Safe Register is breaking the law. It is essential that anyone who carries out work on gas fittings are registered with Gas Safe, and are capable of carrying out the work.

Home Cure’s locally based engineers are all Gas Safe Registered, our engineers are all qualified and competent in carrying out gas boiler installation, safely and efficiently. If you need a reliable company to install or repair your gas appliances, then you can trust in Home Cure. All our work is guaranteed, so you are fully covered if anything goes wrong, which it is highly unlikely to. Our team carries all the right equipment with them to carry out all jobs in a safe and efficient manner.

Home Cure gets the majority of our work from word of mouth, we strive to stay reliable and professional. When one of our engineers is carrying out an installation or repair job in your home, you can rest assured that they are committed to giving every customer a quality service and a great experience. Contact Home Cure today for a free boiler installation quote and one of our Gas Safe registered engineers could be at your home within an hour.

Plumbing services during the 2012 London Olympics

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Plumbing services during the London Olympics

Information about plumbing services during the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics

There will be difficulty for plumbers this year getting to Clients, while the Olympic and Paralympic is taking place, especially around Stratford and surrounding areas. There will be restrictions on access and parking around these areas and the rest of London. The areas further away from the Olympic and Paralympic grounds won’t be affected as much but there will still be heavy traffic and some traffic diversions to bear in mind. Plumbers won’t be able to take on emergency jobs around these areas easily; plumbing and heating companies and Clients should keep this in mind. Kevin Wellman, the CEO of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering advices that plumbers that usually get call outs in areas near to the Olympic and Paralympic venues should plan well ahead, taking traffic and access restrictions into consideration.

Fortunately residents in areas where parking restrictions will be applied, are entitled to visitor permits, so if you get called out to a jobs in these areas, ask the Client beforehand about any diversions or access and parking restrictions in their area and if they will have a parking permit for you to use or a parking space available. Plumbers that are going to be working on larger jobs should consider scheduling in the work prior or after the Olympic and Paralympic events.


Residents living around Stratford and East London areas, anywhere near the Olympic and Paralympic grounds should be prepared for most plumbers to not be available during the Olympics and Paralympics. There will be a lot of heating and plumbing companies that will not be open during the Olympics. The Olympics will be taking place from 27th July until 12th August, the Paralympics will be taking place from 29th August. The events are taking place all over the UK, not just in Olympic Park in Stratford. We at Home Cure will be doing everything within our power to reach our customers in time for every job. We will still deliver every job in a professional and efficient manner like we always do. We always plan ahead and keep up to date with any traffic diversions and restrictions; we can work around anything in order to get the job done for our Clients. Your needs comes first.  We will be available during the Olympic and Paralympic games at short notice, for big and small jobs, you can always count on us for quality, punctuality and great value for money.  It will be helpful to provide the Home Cure team with as much information you can about any parking and access restrictions in your area before we visit you.