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June & July floods

Monday, July 30th, 2012

The effects of June and July floods

The first few weeks of July was filled with heavy rain, thunder, lightning, floods, gales and generally miserable weather. Plumbing companies like Home Cure have been inundated with work, due to the heavy rain and floods. Home Cure has been getting a large number of queries and requests for our plumbing maintenance service. This is mainly due to homeowners noticing that their pipes were under more and more pressure from the heavy rainfall. Homeowners were worried about flooding or overflowing drains, so they contacted us to ensure their plumbing system was in good shape. The extreme weather has caused residents endless problems including: plumbing problems, flooding, burst pipes, drainage problems and drains overflowing.

There has been extra pressure on household pipes and drainage systems, due to the heavy rainfall in July. Home Cure received numerous calls and requests for emergency plumbing services in the past few week. The main problems was flooding due to burst pipes. Surface water and extremely wet soil from rain, can cause the ground to shift. This can put stress on household pipes which can cause them to crack and collapse. Cracked pipes or pipes that have collapsed, leads to many flood related problems. Getting your pipes and plumbing systems maintained and inspected regularly, will help avoid flooding in your home and the cost and headache of fixing the problem. Pipes that are leaking needs immediate attention by a plumbing professional before the problem gets worse.

The heavy rain and floods also caused issues with septic systems, gutters, down pipes and sewage systems. Septic tanks are based underground, they hold waste products from domestic homes and commercial properties, as they break down into the soil. Excess water flowing into them will cause a variety of problems. This extra water can be the result of heavy and prolonged rain. Home Cure’s engineers are qualified and trained to carry out a wide variety of drain related work. For the past few weeks, our engineers have been working on the different plumbing issues caused by the heavy rainfall.

Home Cure is dedicated in providing the most reliable drainage, plumbing and heating services in London.

We have a team of friendly and qualified plumbers and engineers, that are Gas Safe registered. They carry out every job with the same professionalism you would expect from a reputable plumbing company. We do not charge a call out fee and we aim to get one of our engineers to your home within an hour. Our emergency plumbing services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Contact Home Cure for a free quote today

Tips on choosing a good plumber

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Choosing a good plumber in London

There are numerous reports in the media about plumbers charging their customers ridiculous prices for very basic jobs and not completing them to a satisfactory standard. Reports of cowboy tradesmen that leave homes in a mess after they complete a job or simply not capable of completing jobs safely and efficiently make it difficult for people to know how to choose a good plumber in London. If your taps are leaking, your boiler is broken down or you need a plumber in an emergency, how can you be sure the plumber visiting your home is capable of doing the job and that they don’t try to charge you a small fortune for the work?

You can start by doing some basic research online on the company you are considering using, customer reviews and testimonials will give you a good indication of whether the company is trustworthy or not. Look out for comments about the quality of the work, what work was carried out, was the plumber punctual and was the work tidy. You can also call up the companies and ask for references, portfolios and photos of previous jobs carried out by companies. Any reputable plumbing company will be more than happy to provide this information if you are considering using them on a big job.

Another way to help you choose a good plumber in London is to look into what guarantee the company provides if any.

For example; Home Cure provides 100% guarantee on all their repairs and installations.

Heating and bathroom installations are guaranteed for 12 months minimum. Any problems from faulty installation or repairs carried out by Home Cure, is treated as priority and will be fixed as soon as possible.

By law anyone dealing with gas appliances must be registered with The Gas Safe Register. It is recommended that you only use plumbers registered with the Gas Safe Register to ensure all work completed in your home is carried out safely. All of Home Cure’s plumbers and engineers that work on any gas related job are Gas Safe Registered, they always carry their Gas Safe card on them, which you can inspect before they start any work in your home.

Home Cure gets the majority of their business through recommendations, they have many satisfied and repeat customers. They have excellent feedback from their customers and an impressive portfolio. Their team of plumbers are highly qualified to carry out all plumbing jobs, big or small. They respect your home and their work is safe and tidy. They will treat your home with as much respect as their own, they will never leave any mess for you to clean up. You can review some of Home Cure’s customer testimonials here. Feel free to contact Home Cure anytime, for references, portfolios and photos from their previous jobs

Gas fitter arrested over fatal Manchester explosion

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Gas fitter arrested over fatal Manchester explosion

A gas engineer was arrested by the police in London, after a gas explosion destroyed many homes in Manchester and tragically killed 2 year old Jamie Heaton. The arrest was confirmed by police in Greater Manchester to the Manchester Evening News late at night. The 32 year old engineer, was not named, is believed to have carried out an inspection on a boiler in one of the houses that was destroyed in the blast on Tuesday. Police have stated that, his arrest is one line of inquiry. The explosion happened at 11.15am on Tuesday 26th June, in Manchester on Buckley Street, Shaw. Neighbours reported the smell of gas earlier in the morning. Reports have also suggested that there may have been a case of domestic disturbance at one of the houses the night before. Police are currently pursuing all lines of inquiry while they continue to investigate.


The Greater Manchester Police released this statement: “We believe the 32 year old man attended one of the properties in relation to the maintenance or upkeep of the boiler, for that reason we need to speak to him. It is very important that local residents, local community and the media, do not jump to quick conclusions about this arrest.” Assistant Chief Constable, Steve Heywood said the arrested man, who is being brought back to Manchester, is a resident of Shaw but did not live around Buckley Street.


Jamie Heaton who was 2 years old was killed, after the explosion destroyed his home, and the property next door to his home. Jamie’s Neighbour, 27 years old Andrew Partington,suffered severe burns to his skin and is still in hospital The police are waiting to question him as soon as he is able to give a statement. National Grid has said the blast was not caused by a gas pipe leak. They said that they had received reports of a gas escape at 10.40am in the same area. It said, “National Grid have not been able to gain access to carry out checks on internal pipes, meters and gas appliances. Greater Manchester Police, has now taken control of the site and are treating it as a crime scene.” Many other homes in the street were damaged from the explosion, which blew out windows and doors, up to 800 metres away from the centre of the blast.


Home Cure is a name you can trust to carry out plumbing and heating work for you.

Our work is guaranteed, so in the unlikely event of something not going right or our customers not being happy with our work, they are covered. Home Cure’s team of plumbing and heating engineers are fully qualified and equipped to fix, leaking taps, broken down boilers, blocked pipes or drains and powerflushing. Our heating engineers are all registered with the Gas Safe Register so you know that you are your home are safe when they are repairing or installing gas and heating appliances for you. Contact us today for a no obligation, friendly chat. We can one of our trained and certified engineers and plumbers at your home within the hour.

Man jailed for 12 months

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Man jailed for lying about being a part of organisations

A plumber who lied about organisations and associations he was registered with, has been arrested and sentenced to a year a jail. The culprit Wade Jeffery is from Bristol. He appeared in Bristol Crown Court a few weeks ago and pleaded guilty to fraud, and 3 counts of engaging in an unfair and unsafe commercial practice. The incidents took place in 2010. Wade Jeffery ran several different businesses; Harrison Heating, A Wades Heating and All Weather Heating. He falsely claimed that all three businesses were registered with Gas Safe Register. He also claimed to be a member of the Oil Fired Technical Association (OFTEC) and Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE). Jeffery used aliases, and carried out work for residents and landlords that he was not allowed to undertake legally.


Wade Jeffrey has been investigated by the Local Trading Standards in December 2009, they posed as a customer and asked Wade Jeffery to carry out some work on a gas boiler. The prosecution stated that he drove to the job, even though he is disqualified from driving. When he was arrested and after further enquiries, they discovered that the various companies he owned had carried out work to the amount of £15,000. The court found out that Jeffery had previous convictions for robbery, possession of drugs, behaviour that was threatening and also shoplifting. On one occasion, Wade Jeffery arrived at a residential home smelling of alcohol. He then fell off a worktop and punched the homeowner’s boiler, which he was suppose to repairing. He was sentencing to a year in prison. Judge Simon Darwall-Smith said: “Members of the public are plagued by people like you, putting them potentially at risk. You have an appalling record of dishonesty, using 24 aliases and providing nine different birth dates to the authorities.” Residents and businesses who may have had work carried out by Wade Jeffery are being urged to come forward and to contact their local trading standards department.


We at Home Cure understand that being honest with our customers is as important as carrying out quality plumbing work.

Our plumbers and heating engineers are qualified and certified to carry out all plumbing and heating jobs. Whether it’s repair work, installation work or emergency work you require, you will always get the best trained and qualified technician for the work. All our plumbers and technicians are registered on the Gas Safe Register. This can be verified easily by visiting the Gas Safe Register site We want you to feel that you will always get a plumber that is qualified to carry out work for you safely, we are always here to answer any question you have or if you want any information from us about the engineer we will be sending out to your home. For extra peace of mind for our customers, any work carried out by Home Cure is fully guaranteed.