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Faulty ball valve Islington

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Faulty Toilet Ball Valve (Islington)

Here we have one of the most common plumbing problems out there, a plumber in London would deal with a job like this time and time again, a faulty ball operated valve. The symptoms of this fault would be water discharging from the overflow / warning pipe or in the case of toilets with syphons that have an internal overflow you would notice a continual running of water into the pan. If your overflow pipe does not discharge in an obvious place outside you may notice the sound of the cistern trickling continuously.

The 2 ways of curing this is either by changing the washer inside the valve or more commonly changing the valve for a new one. These valves are not very expensive so its normally a better idea and more cost effective to change the valve rather than just replacing the washer as there is no telling how long the new washer will last.

Islington Plumber

Most common causes for these ball valves becoming defective are general wear and tear over the years and in hard water area’s you tend to get a build up of scale around the washer and seating area meaning the washer will not give a perfect seal and turn off the water. In the job shown we show photos of a defective old type ball valve being replaced by a new torbeck valve (equilibrium). It works on a similar principle of the ball valve as it forms an air bubble in the upside down cup and raises when the water level raises, instead of the ball valve pushing against a washer this valve works on a balanced pressure to shut the valve off (pressure pushing against its self).


Boiler Repair North London

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Alpha boiler repair North London

Symptoms of this job and like many other problems with combination boilers is that once the boiler goes wrong you get neither hot water or heating leaving you right in the dark.

First we check the condition of the boiler which seems to be in good nick with no obvious signs of distress or distortion to the boiler.

We then check there is power to the boiler, which there is and then turn on the boiler listening to the processes which it goes through.

1. We hear the fan and pump start to run.

2. We hear a click which indicates the air pressure switch has connected.

3. We wait for the sound of ignition and the sound of boiler lighting but it don’t

A quick read through the manufactures instructions tells us to check ignition and cables (we found these to look ok) It then tells us to check voltage going to the spark generator from the PCB. At this point we would know if the problem lies with the PCB or the spark generator, if the PCB was sending the correct voltage to the spark generator it would mean the PCB was ok and the spark generator was defective. Multi-meter confirms that the PCB was ok as it was sending the correct voltage and what we needed was the Spark Generator.

A quick phone call from the North London plumber around to the local boiler spares suppliers and we were able to locate the part needed to get this boiler up and running again.

Boiler repairs and all over gas related work in North London

With the new part in possession and ready to fit to the boiler we make sure we isolate the electrics to the boiler before disconnecting any parts. Changing this part is quite straight forward and is just a case of disconnecting the ignition cables and power supply cables coming from the boilers PCB. Unscrew the old one and replace with the new and simply reconnecting the cables back into the correct positions and we are ready to re-assemble the boiler and fire it back up.

Boiler repairs and all over gas related work should only be carried out by competent Gas Safe Registered Engineers and should not be attempted by anyone else.