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20 Biggest Electrician Fails

Below is a compilation of some of the reasons you should never try to fix something on your own, or hire someone who isn’t 100% qualified! This is our list of the top 20 electrician failures that we’ve found on the internet.

1. Don’t tie yourself in knots..

electrician fail knots









2. Two is better than one

light switch fail











3. I’m not entirely certain that’s safe

electrician pool swim fail











4. No, I’m certain that’s not safe!

pool electricity failure









5. Do we call an electrician or a plumber here?

electrician fail plumber









6. Let’s hope this is a temporary solution

hilarious electricity fail









7. That’s one way to ground something I suppose

grounding weird electrician









8. What’s Christmas without possible electrocution?

christmas lighting fail








9. We’ve all thought about doing it

laptop fail crazy











10. Perhaps not the best placement…

crazy electrician fail








11. Another peculiar grounding method

electrician grounding twig









12. What a tangled mess!

crazy tangle fail











13.  A complex solution to a simple problem

coffee electricity error









 14. Well that’s another perspective on spotlight lighting…

lights electrician funny










15. Another swimming mistake

swimming electric fail








16. One plug clearly wasn’t enough

electrician error crazy











17. A new way to recycle perhaps?

lights recycle electrician









18. No chance am I getting in there. Thanks, swimmers.

maintenance idiot fail










19. I just don’t understand the logic behind this

plug fail









20. The walls destroyed, but hey at least we have cable!

cable wall electrician weird











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