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Common Radiator Problems

Now that winter is subsiding, it is an ideal time to assess the performance of your heating system and your radiators over the past year. This has been a challenging winter that has caused energy consumption to rise, and many people relied heavily on good heating production. If you have radiators in your home, or in your business property, this is the time to address the issues that cropped up in the colder months so that next year, you are off to a good start.

Here are common problems that UK residents face with their radiators every year:

Inefficient and Unproductive – There are a number of causes for this problem but the most common is not the heating system itself, but rather sludge build-up within the system pipes. Sludge is really iron-oxide that has the appearance of black sludge. Iron oxide accumulates when the heating sys, as you don’t want this build-up sitting over the summer.

No Hot Water Circulating – When you system fails to produce hot water that circulates through your radiators, there can be a handful of potential system failures.

The most common are:

You can either try to ascertain the cause of the failure by yourself or hire a qualified heating engineer to ensure your system is functional and consistent.

Leaking & Draining – This is another common radiator headache that is actually one of the easier to fix. Before you get in over your head, try to find the source of the leak. If it seems to be from the boiler, calling an engineer is the safest practice.

Radiator Banging Or Whistling – If your radiator is doing more whistling and banging than actual heating, there is a clearly an issue! Usually, the cause of whistling, banging or gurgling noises is air in the system. The air is disrupting the flow of the water. Another possible cause for the sounds is that the system’s water pressure is too low to provide consistent flow.

Cold Pipes – If the pipes are cold and it appears the heating system is not functioning, one of the first places to check is the system pilot light. Sometimes, a draught can blow the pilot light out or if there is disruption of service, you may need to restart the pilot light manually. Make sure you know how to do this safely before proceeding, and if in any doubt, call a Home Cure engineer for assistance.

Lost Pressure – When water is not flowing through the radiator, this can be caused by a water leak in the system. The leak will cause the system to lose pressure and should be detected and repaired as soon as possible. Another cause for this could be a leaky or malfunctioning valve.

Thermostat Problems – Is you thermostat producing consistent results? The household thermostat should be checked and tested every year. The wiring can erode, the connection can be disturbed and this will cause inconsistent heat from the boiler.

The Boiler Shuts Itself Off – The thermostat is working and you need heat but your boiler keeps shutting down seemingly with a mind of its own. This is a frustrating phenomenon that always seems to happen when you need heat the most. The most common cause of this problem is that a valve has closed and the water flow is irregular. It can also be a sign that the circulating pump is broken.

Your heating system will pose problems unless it is maintained regularly. At the same time, the work you do this year to correct last year’s deficiencies will yield dividends in the next cold period.

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