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The effects of June and July floods

The first few weeks of July was filled with heavy rain, thunder, lightning, floods, gales and generally miserable weather. Plumbing companies like Home Cure have been inundated with work, due to the heavy rain and floods. Home Cure has been getting a large number of queries and requests for our plumbing maintenance service. This is mainly due to homeowners noticing that their pipes were under more and more pressure from the heavy rainfall. Homeowners were worried about flooding or overflowing drains, so they contacted us to ensure their plumbing system was in good shape. The extreme weather has caused residents endless problems including: plumbing problems, flooding, burst pipes, drainage problems and drains overflowing.

There has been extra pressure on household pipes and drainage systems, due to the heavy rainfall in July. Home Cure received numerous calls and requests for emergency plumbing services in the past few week. The main problems was flooding due to burst pipes. Surface water and extremely wet soil from rain, can cause the ground to shift. This can put stress on household pipes which can cause them to crack and collapse. Cracked pipes or pipes that have collapsed, leads to many flood related problems. Getting your pipes and plumbing systems maintained and inspected regularly, will help avoid flooding in your home and the cost and headache of fixing the problem. Pipes that are leaking needs immediate attention by a plumbing professional before the problem gets worse.

The heavy rain and floods also caused issues with septic systems, gutters, down pipes and sewage systems. Septic tanks are based underground, they hold waste products from domestic homes and commercial properties, as they break down into the soil. Excess water flowing into them will cause a variety of problems. This extra water can be the result of heavy and prolonged rain. Home Cure’s engineers are qualified and trained to carry out a wide variety of drain related work. For the past few weeks, our engineers have been working on the different plumbing issues caused by the heavy rainfall.

Home Cure is dedicated in providing the most reliable drainage, plumbing and heating services in London.

We have a team of friendly and qualified plumbers and engineers, that are Gas Safe registered. They carry out every job with the same professionalism you would expect from a reputable plumbing company. We do not charge a call out fee and we aim to get one of our engineers to your home within an hour. Our emergency plumbing services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Contact Home Cure for a free quote today