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Plumbing services during the London Olympics

Information about plumbing services during the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics

There will be difficulty for plumbers this year getting to Clients, while the Olympic and Paralympic is taking place, especially around Stratford and surrounding areas. There will be restrictions on access and parking around these areas and the rest of London. The areas further away from the Olympic and Paralympic grounds won’t be affected as much but there will still be heavy traffic and some traffic diversions to bear in mind. Plumbers won’t be able to take on emergency jobs around these areas easily; plumbing and heating companies and Clients should keep this in mind. Kevin Wellman, the CEO of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering advices that plumbers that usually get call outs in areas near to the Olympic and Paralympic venues should plan well ahead, taking traffic and access restrictions into consideration.

Fortunately residents in areas where parking restrictions will be applied, are entitled to visitor permits, so if you get called out to a jobs in these areas, ask the Client beforehand about any diversions or access and parking restrictions in their area and if they will have a parking permit for you to use or a parking space available. Plumbers that are going to be working on larger jobs should consider scheduling in the work prior or after the Olympic and Paralympic events.


Residents living around Stratford and East London areas, anywhere near the Olympic and Paralympic grounds should be prepared for most plumbers to not be available during the Olympics and Paralympics. There will be a lot of heating and plumbing companies that will not be open during the Olympics. The Olympics will be taking place from 27th July until 12th August, the Paralympics will be taking place from 29th August. The events are taking place all over the UK, not just in Olympic Park in Stratford. We at Home Cure will be doing everything within our power to reach our customers in time for every job. We will still deliver every job in a professional and efficient manner like we always do. We always plan ahead and keep up to date with any traffic diversions and restrictions; we can work around anything in order to get the job done for our Clients. Your needs comes first.  We will be available during the Olympic and Paralympic games at short notice, for big and small jobs, you can always count on us for quality, punctuality and great value for money.  It will be helpful to provide the Home Cure team with as much information you can about any parking and access restrictions in your area before we visit you.